June 07, 2016

Paige Witmer’11

Studio Art major, Paige is pursuing a tattoo apprenticeship and managing a restaurant in Portland, OR.
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After graduation, I finished student teaching and moved to Portland, OR. I taught second and third grand for awhile and decided that teaching was not for me. After deciding to leave teaching, I moved to Seattle and have been bartending/managing a restaurant out here. While supplementing myself financially in the service industry, I have been pursuing a tattoo apprenticeship. A shop in my neighborhood has taken me under their wing and I am slowly learning and showing my dedication. In my free time I am drawing and painting, spending time with my cute pup I adopted last year, and exploring the Pacific Northwest.

Majoring in Studio Art in college allowed me to see the variety of directions the art world can take you. I was able to hone in my drawing and painting techniques as well as explore new mediums. I had the privilege of meeting so many talented individuals, professors and students alike, all with unique visions pursuing different creative paths. When I initially thought about going to an art school, I was intimidated my the competitive atmosphere. Beloit did not have that. The art program at Beloit always felt supportive, a group of creative minds coming together, sharing ideas, and pushing each other to grow as individual art students. Beyond Beloit, this has served me in pursuing connections with fellow creative humans, continuing to foster my own growth through my personal passion and drive, as well as from the support and creative energy of those around me.

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