June 07, 2016

Erik Stiller’04

After graduating, Erik Stiller’04 earned a BFA and MFA, and works on the CBS show Criminal Minds.

After graduating from Beloit College in 2004, I attended the School of the Art Institute in Chicago and earned a BFA in 2005. From there, I moved to Los Angeles and earned a MFA in Screenwriting from Loyola Marymount University. In 2008, I started work on the hit CBS show Criminal Minds. Beginning as an intern, I worked my way up the assistant chain, until being promoted to the writing staff last June.

Beloit taught me how to think creatively. Even if I didn’t understand that necessarily in the moment, creative problem solving is a tool I use every day and would, regardless of my chosen field. It cannot be understated how important a well-rounded experience is to future life. And of course, the people and their mindsets along with the intimacy of the whole Beloit experience. Twelve years from graduating and I still perk up at the sound of Beloit College. It was a place I was proud to attend. A place I met my future life. A place that shaped me creatively. And a place I would be honored to send my own kids to in the future.

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