March 01, 2015

Record Applications

Beloit has received the highest number of applications in college history and even extended its deadline for priority applications by two weeks to respond to stepped-up interest.

By January, the midpoint of the enrollment cycle for students entering in fall, the college had received 3,317 applications for first-year spots, 45 percent more than last year.

“There are many reasons,” says Vice President for Enrollment Rob Mirabile, “from removing barriers to application and growing our mailing list for high school seniors to increasing counselor one-on-one meetings with prospects across the country and the world.” He adds that Beloit’s Enrollment Office has received some welcomed assistance in recruiting the class of 2019. “We’ve received a tremendous amount of help from campus partners and the Beloit community as a whole in promoting the value of a Beloit education.”

The total number of applications is important because it reflects awareness of and interest in Beloit College, but applications are also only the starting point in enrolling a class. Many students will apply to multiple schools before making their final decision. Prospective students have until May 1 to accept offers of admission from Beloit.

By the Numbers

  • Most students apply to 7-8 colleges.
  • 21 U.S. and international cities, including Beijing and Mumbai, where receptions will be held this spring for admitted students.
  • 92% increase in international student applications from 2014 to 2015
  • 55% of last year’s enrolled students visited campus.
  • 66% increase in applications to Beloit since 2006.

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