March 02, 2015

A Heart Book

By Jennifer Westman Hakkarainen’84
Levellers Press, 2013

A Heart Book by Jennifer Westman Hakkarainen'84 The average human heart beats approximately 100,000 times per day, but modern lifestyles seldom reward the organ for all its hard work. From smoking, to poor eating habits, to a lack of exercise, there are a number of ways we mistreat our hearts. Jennifer Hakkarainen’s A Heart Book offers simple answers to many questions relating to the heart and tips for making every beat count.

The topics start with basic facts about weight loss and cholesterol and progress to include detailed information on many heart disorders. Sure, there is a lot that can go wrong, but Hakkarainen also focuses on ways to treat your heart right. With the help of A Heart Book, it is easy to see just how important, and achievable, heart health really is.

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