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Alumna Amanda Lawnicki’14 publishes article on Bosnia’s post-industrial urban landscapes

Her chapter, called “The ‘Not-Quite’ and Tuzla’s Invisible Buildings,” explores the fate of formerly industrial buildings erected during the Tito regime.

Lawnicki’s chapter is included in Transcending the Nostalgic. Landscapes of Postindustrial Europe beyond Representation, edited by George S. Jaramillo and Julian Tomann. This book explores “the affective and ‘more-than-representational’ dimensions of post-industrial landscapes, including narratives, practices, social formations, and other phenomena. Focusing on case studies from across Europe, it examines both the objective and the subjective aspects of societies that, increasingly, produce fewer things and employ fewer workers.” You can find more information on the book here.


November 24, 2021

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