Martha “Marty” Dyer Feltus’68 DSC

Marty is the quintessential “Beloit planner.”

Distinguished Service Citation
Martha “Marty” Dyer Feltus
Class of 1968
Awarded 2018

The Beloit College Alumni Association is pleased to award the Distinguished Service Citation to Martha “Marty” Dyer Feltus, class of 1968, on this, her 50th reunion.

According to some who know her best, Marty is the quintessential “Beloit planner.” She fully embraced the college’s new direction in the fall of 1964 traveling from Tulsa, Oklahoma, to attend after already seeing the possibilities of the new college curriculum. A Spanish major, Martha participated in a semester in Spain, and completed her field term at Doubleday Publishing Company.

Crediting her semester abroad with affirming her interest in Spanish culture and building her proficiency in the language, Marty continued to pursue her interest in language by working as a bilingual customer service correspondent for a printing company. Then, in 1981, she began working for Weidmann Electrical Technology in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, where she played a critical role in developing the company’s customer base in Mexico. In addition, she helped implement the company’s new sales platform before retiring in 2011.

A career only proved to slow Marty down. Since retirement, she’s stayed active on several local committees, including as a village trustee of Lyndonville, Vermont. She also served as a Town of Lydon Selectboard member for 20 years and retired this year. Despite retiring, she’s once again keeping busy, now on her third term as a representative in the state legislature for Vermont, with plans to run again.

She credits her time at Beloit with providing the critical thinking skills required to analyze current and past initiatives and define appropriate government priorities … and with meeting her husband, Steve Feltus’68.

For leading a fulfilling life marked by high achievement, personal responsibility, and public contribution-in other words, for living the mission of Beloit College-the Alumni Association is pleased to award Martha “Marty” Dyer Feltus with its highest honor: the Distinguished Service Citation.

June 09, 2018

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