September 29, 2021

It’s Always 9/11

By Wendy Avra Nimer Gordon’76
Shepherdess Books, 2021

Book cover for It's Always 9/11 by Wendy Avra Nimer Gordon'76. Wendy Nimer Gordon sets her dystopian tale in an eerily prescient future, when the attacks of 9/11 signal only the beginning of a time beset by fear, environmental disasters, and contagion (she wrote the novel before Covid).

“Wendy gives us a believable dystopia in the not-too-distant, not-too-different future. She tells a detailed story with jarringly accurate turns of phrase, characters you feel like you know, and a situation you hope you’ll never know,” writes Elyse Schumock, owner of Rose City Book Pub.

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