Being All In While Preparing for the Future

Being open to new experiences and people helped quantitative economics major Chamnan Suon’22 discover an interest in data analytics. She now hopes to pursue data analytics as a career.

Throughout her studies at Beloit College, Chamnan Suon’22 has looked for opportunities to be all in, whether by exploring courses in subjects she was unfamiliar with, such as coding, or attending events outside of class to socialize and get to know others.

“Being open to new experiences and people has been invaluable for me. People I’ve met have invited me to step out of my comfort zone to enter new environments. It has been uncomfortable at times, but also good preparation for life.”

In fact, looking for opportunities to expand her horizons and knowledge has become a habit for Chamnan, who came to Beloit College from Cambodia with the support of SHE CAN, an organization that seeks to effect positive change in the world by supporting the development of women leaders in post-conflict countries.

At Beloit College, Chamnan has found just the right environment to prepare for her future role by acquiring and connecting new experiences.

“In the long run, I want to be able to use scientific data to inform decisions for the benefit of society. In summer 2020, despite the global pandemic, I was able to secure an internship with BlueHub Capital, a mission-driven national non-profit organization. My job was to do research for a new program that will make a positive impact toward immigrants in the U.S.

“After my summer internship, I took a business analytics course with professor Disha Shende in Beloit’s economics and business department in order to expand my knowledge of this area. I’d already taken quantitative research methods with Jermaine Moulton in the same department, and while taking business analytics, also took a second related course with him, econometrics.”

Chamnan’s experience with data research and data analysis helped her land a summer 2021 business intelligence internship with BlueVine. Located in Redwood City, CA, BlueVine is a fintech company whose mission is to empower small businesses through its innovative, online banking platform.

“BlueVine’s mission really resonates with me, as does the inspiration behind it. Eyal Lifshitz, who co-founded it and serves as the CEO, had seen his father, a small business owner, struggle with financial flow.”

Chamnan has enjoyed her work at BlueVine so much that she now wants to work in data analytics post-Beloit. She’s also enjoying her commute and socializing with colleagues, things she’ll do in future as a professional.

As a rising senior, Chamnan is heading into a busy year. In doing so, she’ll continue to seek out and connect new opportunities. Thus, her fall 2021 semester will include enrollment in the economics department’s capstone seminar as well as a placement at Kerry Ingredients through Beloit College’s Duffy Partnerships.

“Beloit College and SHE CAN have taught me the importance of both continually learning and building a strong professional network. Working at Kerry will help me learn and apply skills, while expanding my network.”

Chamnan’s ongoing professional development will not end in December. Instead, she’ll spend the spring 2022 semester at the Philadelphia Center, where she’ll earn credit by interning with a local organization four days per week and taking two courses.

“I’m really looking forward to continuing to develop my professional skills and contacts in Philadelphia during my final semester. Beloit College offers so many opportunities. Take advantage of them!”

By: Elizabeth Brewer
August 30, 2021

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