Pursuing Graduate School Post-Beloit to Continue to Learn and Discover

Motivated by his academic pursuits while a student at Beloit College, Saugat Pandey’21 began Ph.D. studies immediately following his graduation in order to continue to grow his understanding of computer science.

Saugat Pandey’21 elected to begin a doctoral program in computer science at Washington University in St. Louis immediately after graduating from Beloit College.

“I was motivated to pursue graduate studies by my active involvement in academic work while at Beloit. For example, I was able to undertake summer research with computer science professor Darrah Chavey. And group projects in classes I took with computer scientist Eyad Haj Said helped me realize the importance of working in a team. After these experiences, I knew that after Beloit I wanted to pursue something that would help me continue to learn about computer science. Ultimately, a Ph.D. was the right path for me.”

Extracurricular activities also helped prepare Saugat for his future, whether he would enter the job market or graduate school. “I spent most of my time outside the classroom attending meetings for student government and running the investment club I founded together with Mashfik Siddique’20. These experiences helped me build skills to work in a team setting which will be fruitful during graduate school and after.”

Beloit College mentors were key in helping Saugat develop personally and academically.

“After I arrived in Beloit, I met Jessica Fox-Wilson. She is not only the director of Career Works, but was my first-year seminar advisor. She guided me through all the possible resources available to an international student to have a successful undergraduate career. She has always been there to help with both my professional and academic development.”

Apart from Jessica Fox-Wilson, Saugat was grateful to have supportive faculty members in the Department of Computer Science and Mathematics who prepared him for graduate school.

“Professor Eyad Haj Said and emeritus professor Ranjan Roy deserve my special thanks. Both always helped me academically and personally. They helped me shape my career path and realize my potential to pursue a graduate degree after Beloit.”

Today, Saugat is proud to say that attending Beloit College has been one of the best decisions of his life. He found out about Beloit through Colleges That Change Lives, a book given to him by a friend of his father. After reading the book, he reached out to students and faculty at Beloit.

“They were all very responsive and answered my questions. After speaking with them, I knew Beloit was the place to be for the next four years. Apart from the academic support I received, Beloit College has helped me become an effective person and has helped me prepare for the real-world challenges that come next.”

Elizabeth Brewer
August 27, 2021
  • Saugat Pandey’21 visits Chicago before heading to graduate school.

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