Thriving After Beloit

Superior Murphy’21 took full advantage of what Beloit College has to offer: campus leadership, fellowship programs, relationships to faculty and staff. Now, Superior is deepening their commitment to social justice in a career.

Immediately after graduating from Beloit College, Superior Murphy’21 began a new role as Evaluation Strategist for UBUNTU Research and Evaluation in Milwaukee. The work makes both personal and professional sense for them:

“The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted my community, family, and self deeply. UBUNTU allows me to be fully present, both in this time and in my community. I’m part of a team of Black women who work as transdisciplinary strategists committed to disrupting systemic oppression through evaluation, facilitation, and education. To be actively engaged in disrupting systems of oppression makes sense for this stage in my life.”

Superior took full advantage of the opportunities available at Beloit College, participating in student groups and activities such as Students for an Inclusive Campus and the yoga club, supporting students as a resident assistant, and serving on many hiring committees.

“The experiences that I would point to as being most impactful were the immigration awareness trips that I both attended and led, funded by the Weissberg Foundation. My direct and active engagement with the college administration was also instructive. Conversations about multifaceted issues helped develop my ability to problem solve and be an impactful leader.”

At Beloit College, Superior felt supported, challenged, and encouraged from their first days on campus.

“I can’t imagine attending any other institution than Beloit for my undergraduate career. The experiences and relationships that it provided serve as pillars in my life and I would not want that to change. I can start with my FYI instructors, Jessica Fox-Wilson and Meghan Dowell. They were a beautiful introduction to the ways in which staff care and want to have an active role in your education. Both remained active in my life throughout my time at Beloit and Meghan and I kept in touch even after she left the college.

“Debra Majeed (Religious Studies Professor Emerita) means so much too. Not only was she my professor, but also my mentor. I took Prof. Majeed’s Hijab course my sophomore year and then served as her TA. I think often about the many conversations we had during that time.

President Scott Bierman and I have always had a really great and productive relationship. I appreciate his transparency and willingness to bring students into important conversations.

“My academic advisor, Professor of Political Science and Health & Society Ron Watson, has always supported and encouraged me, while political science professor Rachel Ellett has also been a huge support. She has always pushed me academically while being extremely understanding.

“Beloit helped me become the leader and person I am today. It’s hard to describe my love for Beloit and all who are a part of the institution past, present, and future but I have immense love for Beloit and my time there.”

By: Elizabeth Brewer
August 27, 2021

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