laconic libations

laconic libations is a thesis exhibition tackling topics such as institutional barriers, the artistic process, the COVID-19 pandemic, and internal struggles of the mind.

Virtual Tour

Watch the laconic libations Virtual Tour

The virtual video tour was created by Anton Cross’20.

About the Artists

About the Exhibit

The artwork displayed in this exhibition incorporates a wide range of mediums that simultaneously work to capture the voice of each artist and provide visually provoking compositions.

la•con•ic (lɘ-kǒn’ĭk)
adjective: using or involving the use of minimum of words; concise to the point of seeming rude or mysterious

li•ba•tions: (līˈbāSHənz)
noun: liquid offering, tribute, gratuity, or endorsement to the sublime; celebratory benefection in remembrance; refreshment.

The artists give a very warm and special thanks to George Williams for his guidance and support.

August 10, 2021

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