Renewable energy, sustainable food, and German

Beloit College prepared solar design engineer Drew Clark’11 to learn on his own as he studied physics and pursued multiple passions.

Drew Clark'11 Solar Design Engineer Drew Clark’11 came to Beloit College with a passion for renewable energy, but also for sustainable food, German, music and the outdoors.

Hence his involvement in Beloit’s slow food convivium, study abroad in Germany where he made career connections, active musicianship, and membership in the outdoor environmental club. He also got his hands dirty in his E&M and electronics courses.

Post-Beloit, an MS in environmental resource engineering led to his current work for SepiSolar. “Studying at Beloit prepared me to learn on my own. What I like best about my current job is designing projects around the world that constantly incorporate new components and products,” Drew says.

By: Elizabeth Brewer
July 23, 2021

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