Engineering at Beloit

Soon, you will meet with your AMP advisor to register for your first courses as a Beloiter. Have you thought about a career in engineering after you graduate? Beloit’s unique dual-degree engineering program combines the critical thinking skills of Beloit’s liberal arts with the applied technical training of an engineering school.

Let’s explore what you need to know about Engineering at Beloit

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How do I pursue engineering at Beloit?

If you are considering pursuing engineering at Beloit, you are advised to take the following courses in your first year.

Fall 2021:

  • General Physics I (or, if you have AP/IB credit, Intro to Engineering Design)
  • Calculus 1 (or other courses in Math, if you have AP/IB credit)

Spring 2022:

  • General Physics II (or, if you have AP/IB credit, Applied Electronics)
  • Calculus II (or other courses in Math, if you have AP/IB credit)

If you have AP credit, be sure that your AP scores and/or transcripts are sent directly to the Registrar as soon as possible. See how your AP and IB courses may count toward an engineering major and your degree.

What should I major in?

Depending on the type of engineering you are interested in, we recommend that you major in engineering physics (new in fall 2021), physics, biology, chemistry, computer science, or geology.

You can also pursue a path that leads to a dual-degree cooperative engineering program, which combines a liberal arts education with a professional engineering education. Students studying a dual degree generally spend three or four years at Beloit College, followed by two years at an engineering college, and earn two degrees (either two bachelor’s degrees, or a bachelor’s degree and an M.S. degree).

Who can I reach out to with questions about engineering?

Our faculty are passionate about helping you find your path at Beloit. For questions, advice, and to further explore engineering, you can reach out to professors Paul Stanley, Britt Scharinghausen, and Obi Ohia.

Interested in learning more about engineering at Beloit? Visit to get started.

July 08, 2021

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