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Education and Youth Studies at Beloit

Soon, you will meet with your AMP advisor to register for your first courses as a Beloiter. Have you thought about studying Education during your college experience? Education and Youth Studies (EDYS) is built on the idea that social change is rooted in people. Whether through professional practice as a certified teacher, as a developing researcher, or working for a social service provider, you will learn to fill a critical societal need.

Let’s explore what you need to know about EDYS at Beloit.

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Core Mission: Social Justice Education

Grounded in ideals of social justice, the EDYS program investigates systems that oppress people and limit the control they have over their lives. The department’s students and faculty are committed to lifelong learning, professional expertise, creative and mindful action, and intellectual excellence.

There are pathways to change the world to be kinder and equitable through varying careers in education, including teaching in classrooms and working in education more broadly.

How do I pursue EDYS at Beloit?

If you are considering pursuing EDYS, you are advised to take four foundation courses in your first year, in no particular order.

  • Philosophical and historical perspectives in Education and Youth Studies (EDYS 102)
  • Psychological perspectives in Education and Youth Studies (EDYS 151)
  • Social and Cultural perspectives in Education and Youth Studies (EDYS 164)
  • International and Comparative perspectives in Education and Youth Studies (EDYS 201)

The courses are cross-listed with other departments, such as critical identity studies and political science. None of the courses requires a prerequisite.

Are there options in addition to teaching?

The EDYS program gives you the flexibility to decide between different education career paths. Students in the EDYS program pursue a broad range of interests related to education, including school counseling, social work, special education, youth development, education administration, social justice advocacy, and more.

Our EDYS curriculum allows you to explore your interests within the field of education before you commit to seeking teaching licensure. All students receive the same EDYS degree, while students seeking a license will need to fulfill additional requirements or specific electives.

How do I receive a teaching certification?

The Wisconsin Teaching Licensure is highly regarded and is accepted by 40 states in the U.S. Beloit has students working or teaching in every part of the country and the world. We offer many licenses, including elementary (K-9), secondary (4-12 in English/broad field language arts, history/broad field social studies, science, and math), and K-12 level licenses (in arts, theatre, and world languages).

To obtain a teaching license, you will need to declare an education major, maintain a 2.75 GPA or higher, and spend a full semester student teaching. In some cases, a minor in another field is also required. Additional testing is often required.

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July 08, 2021

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