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Tuition award and classroom named in honor of Professor Ranjan Roy

A group of Professor Roy’s former students and friends have created the Ranjan Roy Tuition Award to support future mathematics students.

Beloved by generations of students who said he was the best math teacher they ever had, Professor of Mathematics Ranjan Roy brought passion and knowledge to his teaching and sparked an interest in math among students with little confidence in the subject. Students often said they would take any course at Beloit, as long as he was teaching it. (more)

Shivangi Ambardar’21 shares a memory of Ranjan,

I officially took a class with Professor Roy my sophomore year. It was linear algebra. One day, he posed a question to the class, and I got excited and said, “Professor Roy, can I solve this on the board? I think I can do it!” He said, “Yes, sure, come on up!” and proceeded to give me the piece of chalk he was using. I wrote a proof, and I could see he was happy with it, and I remember him saying “That was easy, wasn’t it?” and the whole class giggled. The same day, when class ended, he asked me to wait and said, “Shivangi, you should study math, you will be a great mathematics major at Beloit.”

He was not only a wonderful professor but also a great mentor. I graduated a few weeks ago with a major in Mathematics. I hope to become a professor someday, and because of how he treated his students and of all the lessons he taught, now I really know what I aspire to be.

His favorite classroom

Professor Roy will be honored through the naming of one of his favorite classrooms, room 201 in the Sanger Center for the Sciences. He preferred the classroom, in part, because it has a chalkboard as opposed to a whiteboard.

Tuition award

After his sudden death in August 2020, a group of his former students and friends created the Ranjan Roy Tuition Award. This award will be offered with preference to a student studying mathematics at Beloit College. Their initial goal is to raise $25,000 for this award and to have the participation of 200 donors. No amount is too small.

Please consider contributing to the Ranjan Roy Tuition Award fund

Your stories and memories

Stories of Ranjan Roy are being collected and shared with his family as well as the college archives.

Please share your own memories and stories of Ranjan

June 09, 2021


If you have questions, you may contact Laura Grube (’08 and current faculty member), grubel@beloit.edu
  • Shivangi Ambardar’21 and Professor Ranjan Roy

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