Class of 2021: Saad Ahsan (Lahore, Pakistan)

Saad Ahsan, a Quantitative Economics major from Lahore, Pakistan, will be starting as a research associate for NERA Economic Consulting in Boston, MA. Saad explains that he’ll be “working with public policy experts and economists to build statistical models and use data analysis techniques to answer economic questions that arise in the energy sector for some of the biggest energy companies in the world.”

Saad is pretty excited about the opportunity. “I’ll be able to work on high level cases that determine the future of regulation and policy in the energy sector. Furthermore, with the rise of ESG investing and the Paris Agreement, corporations in the energy sector are undergoing massive transformations, and I am extremely excited to be a part of this transformation.”

Saad used the alumni network to find the position with NERA Economic Consulting. He was able to connect with Hubbard Garber (’81), who is Managing Director at Barrington Partners, a financial services consultancy. From Garber, Saad made further connections, including Trudy Pham (’14), who had formerly worked at NERA. Saad explains, “Trudy was able to reach out to the recruiter about my application and guide me throughout the interview process.”

Of course, Saad has worked hard the last four years to be ready for such an opportunity. In addition to this coursework, Saad led student government at Beloit College, was part of investment club, and completed several internships, including with Kerry Ingredients as a Consumer and Marketing Insights intern and FINRA as a Financial Regulatory Intern. His internship with Kerry Ingredients was through the Beloit Duffy program, which offers internship experiences during the academic year. Congratulations, Saad!

May 28, 2021


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