April 29, 2021

Culture Conscious: Briefings on Culture, Cognition, and Behavior

Wiley, 2020
By Lawrence T. White, Professor Emeritus of Psychology
  • “Culture Conscious: Briefings on Culture, Cognition, and Behavior” by Lawrence T. White, Professor

This collection of essays explores recent findings from cross-cultural studies of perception, cognition, personality, social behavior, health, and moral reasoning, demonstrating the tremendous impact that cultural values and practices have on how people think and behave.

Also In This Issue

  • Kerri Arsenault’90

    Investigating a slow burn toxic disaster through the lens of memoir

  • The serenity of Beloit’s campus in fall from the Sanger Center for the Sciences rooftop.

    Beloit is “a bright spot in challenging times”

  • The intrepid Mabel Lee (second row, far left) led Beloit’s early physical education program for women with intramural sports such as field hockey, basketball, even rifle shooting. She demanded space for women in athletic facilities, which men were accustomed to dominating, sometimes in the nude. She is shown with the 1923-24 Women’s Athletic Association.

    A Brief History of Women at Beloit

  • Ranjan Roy

    Seven Faculty and Staff Receive Emeriti Honors


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