Making A Difference

Superior Murphy’21 is a leader. “Beloit gave me the support to practice being in power and take up space as I grew into the leader I am today.”

Major(s): Political Science

Where do you call home? Milwaukee, Wisconsin

How did you hear about Beloit? What made you excited to come here? I heard about Beloit from my high school counselor! I was excited about the idea of being a big fish in a little pond. I wanted to be impactful during my undergraduate career and I knew Beloit would give me the opportunity to do that.

What kind of activities are you involved with on campus? Students for an Inclusive Campus (SIC) executive board and Chair person, Student representative on Board of Trustees, provost search committee, RA, Head RA, Weissberg foundation, Yoga Club President.

What off-campus opportunities have you enjoyed? My internship with Dady Immigration Law firm, the Weissberg immigration trips, as a participant and leading it!

What has been your favorite class so far? Hijab. Taught by Professor Majeed

What has been your most unexpected Beloit experience? My freshman year there was a hate crime on campus and I was a new exec member of Students for an Inclusive Campus, I remember SIC stepping into action and there were just so many gears turning. We had called a town hall meeting at the BSU house and I was the only black SIC exec member at the time and the moment came for the conversation to start and everyone sort of looked around and just looked at me to say something. And I wasn’t sure because I was a freshman but they trusted and believed in me to lead. I started outlining timelines and calling for meetings and speaking boldly about my experiences and what change was necessary. From that moment my relationship with the administration has been such a strong working relationship from getting students on the board of trustees to having a great relationship with Scott. It all started from such an ugly moment at the college but turned into a plan for change and actually making change happen.

Where is your favorite space on campus? The rooms I’ve lived in on campus have been my favorite. I was an RA for so long that I put so much work into making my space so comfortable and just such a retreat because so many people would come to my room for advice or just to hangout.

What would your advice be to future Beloiters? You can do whatever you want. Set your mind to something and get involved. If it brings you joy and passion just do it. Beloit is probably the last time you’ll be in a space where every version of you will be accepted, so take advantage of that. You have access to spaces and rooms and conversations that you may not have in the future. Especially as a black woman, I would recommend to just take up space and make your voice heard.

How do you think Beloit has prepared you? I think Beloit has acted as a practice for the “real” world. Beloit has shown me how to take up space and demand change. Beloit let me practice being in power while still supporting me as I came into myself and the leader I want to be.

What’s next for you? Next is grad school. Pursuing a JD PhD. I want to practice law and then get into politics. I want to practice immigration law. I will plug back into Beloit and volunteer. I’d love to be a trustee. I’m applying to a bunch of programs this fall and looking forward to taking the next step.

How has Financial Aid and other support of the College impacted you? And what does it mean to you that alumni and others give to the College to support your education? I was able to graduate debt free. It’s bizarre to see today. I was able to do work study and other things to help make my tuition affordable and accessible. So Financial Aid and the people there would be so kind and encouraging to help find additional opportunities. I thank Kayla Branch so much for helping make my education accessible. I would go to her panicked and leave breathing. I always felt okay after those conversations. When I got a venture grant I remember Kayla would make sure I got the reimbursement needed to be able to take advantage of academic opportunities abroad. People who work at Beloit care so much. It means a lot to me. School isn’t something people should be so bogged down about just thinking of affordability. I was able to get so many scholarships and financial aid resources because of donors. It’s just so meaningful that people give back to the college that way and they don’t even know me. They give to support a perfect stranger and there is such selflessness to their giving. It is so impactful.

How do you feel being at Beloit during the COVID-19 pandemic? I was abroad and I was a patient zero because I was studying in England and I went to visit Italy and got COVID. It was terrifying. But Scott, Tara, and Beloit snapped into action and took care of me. Beloit did what they could to make sure I was okay while I was sick in the UK. When Beloit snapped into action and formed the task force and started caring so deeply and quickly for students domestically and internationally was so amazing. I was impressed with everything COVID related at Beloit specifically checking up on me, but also all the precautions on campus. They were super cautious but also trying to keep the Beloit spirit alive and keep people engaged in the community. They executed everything really well.

April 16, 2021

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