Alumni Advice: Patrick Diggins’05

Patrick Diggins’05 describes his environmental consulting work in New York City and offers advice to current Beloit students.

Job: Technical Director at AKRF, Inc.

Major: Geology

Typical job responsibilities: Managing environmental investigation and remediation projects.

Typical challenges of the work: Exposure to hazardous chemicals in soil and groundwater at some sites, staying current on construction site safety regulations, and client management.

Education level for entry-level position: Bachelor’s Degree in geology, engineering, or environmental science. Master’s Degree preferred.

Advice for current Beloit College students: Learn how to write and write well. Let Sue Swanson tear your senior thesis apart, and then sit down with her and have her explain why. It is hard to do, but I wish I had listened more to her critiques when I was a student.

March 31, 2021

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