Beloit Anthropology alums featured for the Society for American Archaeology’s “Paper of the Month”

Alums discuss the politics of archaeological knowledge production
AmySue Greiff (’18) and Drew Agnew (’18) were recently featured on the Cambridge Core blog to talk about their experiences collaborating with Dr. Shannon Fie and Dr. Kylie Quave to redesign the Anthropology Department’s introductory course in archaeology, when the two alumni served as teaching assistants.
Their experiences are featured in ”Student Views on Centering the Margins“ which is the Society for American Archaeology’s “Paper of the Month” for February. 
Greiff and Agnew were co-authors with Dr. Fie and Dr. Quave on an article for the journal Advances in Archaeological Practice titled, “Centering the Margins: Knowledge Production in the Introductory Archaeology Course” which was published in December 2020.  
February 11, 2021

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