Gabe Gonzalez’20 Fulbright Scholar and Dance Artist

Gabe, who graduated from Beloit in 2020, where he double majored in dance and sociology identifies himself as a Mexican, Chinese artist who enjoys mixing artistic mediums, and finds playing with drag, video, and photography to be an important part of his process. We are thrilled to see all he has already accomplished since graduating.

Gabe Gonzalez’20 is finding opportunities to make work and make a difference, and it is not surprising that he has done so well even in the COVID-19 world. Gabe was very active as a student at Beloit College as a member of the executive board of Students for an Inclusive Campus (SIC), choreographing and performing in December Dance Workshop and Chelonia, performing and choreographing for the American College Dance Association Conferences, and having his choreographic work premiered professionally in the WIM Festival as well as having his written work published.

After graduating in May 2020 Gabe was selected to premiere his memoir dance film, “Daddy Dom Cyber Some,” in the Queerly Contemporary Festival in June 2020, a celebration of the diversity of LGBTQ+ dance works presented virtually online by Zullo/Raw Movement. In January 2021 his film, “Things Are Not Fine,” was selected for the Elgin Fringe Festival.

Gabe is now a Fulbright Scholar in Kinmen county, Taiwan teaching English to children. Even from afar, he is also making new choreographic work and collaborating with world renowned artists. This spring he is participating as an Activator/ Performance Squad Member/ Agent of Change with Princess Grace Award winning choreographer, Randy Reyes (aka estrellex), in their new work. Gabe says, Randy “facilitated a great conversation around ownership and authorship with the cast and we were able to craft roles and titles which hold power for each of us during the first rehearsal.” There will be a virtual performance as well as a tentative live performance in May 2021 at Counterpulse in San Francisco. He is also going to be in a digital performance of This Body Shows Up. The virtual event is scheduled for March 6th and 7th. 

Gabe describes his own choreographic style as “merging raw emotional stories of his dancers, self, and communities with energetic, provocative, and athletic choreography that respects yet challenges the intelligence of his audience.” We expect to see more wonderful work from Gabe for years to come!

February 09, 2021

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