International Friday: Winter! Celebrate, Recalibrate.

Winter offers time to celebrate and also recalibrate. Learn how Beloiters did both over the 2020-21 extended winter break.

Vy Mai’22

Vy has been immersed in music (Vietnamese and Korean indie music), books (for the Econ Department’s data book club: Nate Silver’s Signal and the Noise and Trampled by Unicorn: Big Tech’s Empathy Problem Problem and How to Fix It by Maëlle Gavet), and television (Netflix’s very popular period drama series Bridgerton). Vy has been immersed in music, books, television. Vy has been listening to Vietnamese and Korean ...

Autumn Green’24

What has kept Autumn busy? Books: Push by Sapphire and One Night in Georgia by Celeste O. Norfleet. And films, including “My Own Private Idaho”, which stars the actors River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves.

Books have also been keeping Autumn busy: Autumn enjoyed reading Push by Sapphire and One Night i...

Ben Katz’21

Ben returned home to Ithaca, New York State, to celebrate Hanukkah, the Jewish festival of lights. “This photo is from the last night of Hanukkah with my parents!”

Ben returned home to Ithaca, New York State, where he was able to celebrate Hanukkah, the Jewish ...

Hasti Hairy’24

Winter break meant working and staying on top of studies for Hasti. But she also read and listened to music. Her recommendations: Invisible Life of Addie Larue by V. E. Schwab (“it is so good!”) and world music, especially non-English songs, so that lyrics don’t distract. “I can listen to music and get a chance to explore other cultures!”

Hasti has been staying busy with work and staying on top of their studies during break, as well a...


Kevon Shanklin’23

Kevon was busy: He learned how to play guitar and enjoyed boxing and playing video games with friends.

During break, Kevon did many things to keep busy: Kevon learned how to play guitar, and enjoyed b...

Alexandra Maria Trumbull’04, International & Transfer Admissions 

Alexandra celebrated Saint Nicholas Day over Winter Break with her family.

“St. Nicholas (also spelled Nikolas and Nikolaus) is the Patron Saint of Children, and his Feast day is celebrated on December 6th. The St Nicholas tradition is still celebrated around by those with German heritage. On the night of December 5th, children put out their shoes, hoping they will be filled with goodies and presents. In my family, we didn’t put out shoes, but rather awoke on the 6th to find a beautifully painted tin plate filled with German cookies, fruits, nuts and small presents. I now carry on the tradition for our son. To our family, St Nikolaus is the embodiment of our traditional German Advent traditions, and Santa Claus represents the American Christmas experience. The best of both worlds!”


Saint Nicholas (also spelled Nikolas and Nikolaus) is the Patron Saint of Children, and his Feast...


Gisela Sarabia-Sandoval’22

Gisela’s winter break: Spending time with family, eating especially tasty foods. Winding down with Netflix; she especially enjoyed the series “On My Block”. Pictured below: A member of Gisela’s family with some cupcakes!

Gisela enjoyed spending winter break with her family, where she was able to eat some especially t...

Eva Haykin’21 and Marie Meroney’16 

Eva: “I was lucky to be able to safely celebrate the end of 2020 and the start of 2021 with a really cool alum!” Together they celebrated New Year’s Eve socially distanced outside with some tasty snacks, kazoos, and sparklers! Pictured below: Marie Meroney’16 in her Beloit sweatshirt with a celebratory sparkler.

Says Eva: This year, I was lucky to be able to safely celebrate the end of 2020 and the start of ... Says Eva: This year, I was lucky to be able to safely celebrate the end of 2020 and the start of 2021 with a really cool alum!

Hanbin Yan’24

Hanbin stayed fit and enjoyed recreation in the Powerhouse: “Working out is my habit!”

Hanbin has been staying active by staying fit and enjoying recreation in the Powerhouse: Working...

Celia Edwards’22

Netflix, of course! But also horseback riding.

Celia has also enjoying Netflix, and also went horseback riding over break:

Jade Vangeisen’24

Jade’s winter break: Reading (The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan), cooking and exploring recipes at home. “I made a lobster scampi, and a few days ago I made honey garlic glazed salmon.” Pictured below: Jade with a lovely looking pizza!

Jade has also enjoyed reading many books over break, including The Feminine Mystique by Betty Fri...

Aryssa Harris’21

She read (favorite book: The Mothers by Brit Bennet) and prepared for graduate school. “I’m very excited for my upcoming journey!”

Aryssa has especially enjoyed reading The Mothers by Brit Bennet over break. Says Aryssa, who has...

Layna Thompson’22

Favorite winter break activities: Walking in the greater Beloit area. Exploring the many Little Free Libraries in the neighborhoods near Beloit College’s campus; enjoying books she found in them. Hiking in snowy Rock Cut State Park near Machesney Park, Illinois.

Layna Thompson spent her winter break finding little free library near Beloit College's campu... Layna Thompson'22 at Rock Cut State Park. Layna has been enjoying lots of walks around the greater Beloit area over break. She especially e...

By: Moon Sum'24, Eva Haykin'21
January 15, 2021

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