My Dream Job: Teaching English Abroad

Magali Gray’24 Shares About Her Dream Job and What Beloit Can Do to Help Her

Magali Gray’s background

One of the best days for outdoor activities. One of the best days for outdoor activities.My name is Magali Gray, and I am from Klamath Falls, Oregon, which is just 20 minutes north of the California border. I am a freshman at Beloit this year. I do not know what I want to study specifically, but I am interested in languages and education, so something internationally related to the two. I speak two languages, English and Spanish. I am planning on learning Chinese too. My Spanish is a little rusty, which is why I am planning on taking a few classes to brush up.

Why did you choose Beloit?

I did not get to visit campus before committing, so the lovely campus was not a part of my decision, but I liked Beloit because it was a small college very far from home, and it seemed to have very good study abroad programs, which is something I want to do. The admissions staff was also super friendly and communicative when I was learning more about Beloit, and that helped me commit.

What is your dream job?

My lovely day during summertime. I love this weather because I can enjoy walking and exploring. My lovely day during summertime. I love this weather because I can enjoy walking and exploring.I want to teach English as a foreign language in another country. I studied abroad in Colombia in high school, and one of the people I met there was a British man teaching English at my host brothers elementary school. He seemed to be really happy with that job and since I love both traveling and languages. I work with kids occasionally, so I know I can handle it.

What is your biggest challenge to reaching your dream job?

My biggest challenge is actually getting to a point in my academics where I am qualified to work somewhere and finding a country and school that I can teach in. I have a friend about to leave for an English teaching job in Korea, and she has shared a lot of the struggles of getting hired and communicating with all the different agencies.

What do you want Beloit to help you with your dream job?

Magali took off her mask for photo shooting. Magali took off her mask for photo shooting.
Credit: Magali's friend
I want to learn how to actually teach people, especially people from different cultures, languages, and different ways of learning as that’s possibly what I will end up doing. And I hope I can find some connections or resources too, people who have experience or knowledge about what I want to do.

Moon Sum’24
January 15, 2021


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