Alumni offer words of wisdom at 32nd Annual Econ Day

Alumni and students network at the 32nd Annual Econ Day.

Despite the dreary winter weather, economics majors and the department’s faculty headed down to Chicago on Feb. 16 to exchange advice and business cards at the 32nd Annual Econ Day.

Students started the day with a tour of Studio Gang, the architectural firm designing the Powerhouse. Then they headed to the University of Chicago’s Gleacher Center to hear from alumni on two panels. The first panel focused on leadership and featured alumni from the late 1980s and early 1990s. The second on “finding a path” featured alumni from the classes of 2013-2016.

“It was the usual wonderful mix of sage senior alumni and brand new alumni that gives students different perspectives at different phases in their lives,” says Jeff Adams, professor emeritus and co-founder of Econ Day.

Jacki Dioguardi’94, vice president of U.S.commercial operations at AbbVie (a pharmaceutical company), encouraged students to take advantage of opportunities to volunteer in the city of Beloit. She spoke about experiences volunteering at the Beloit’s Domestic Violence Survivor Center.

“One of the benefits of Beloit is that you’re surrounded by people who are like you, but also some who aren’t like you, and that pushes you and allows you to grow and hone in on your story,” said Dioguardi during the leadership panel. “Being a part of that Beloit community really helped me.”

First year Mack Johnson’21 said the day provided a level of comfort for her.

“It was great to hear from both recent graduates and non-recent graduates that they were successful and enjoy their jobs, whether they had a plan or not.” Mack said. “I don’t have a plan now, so the idea of ending up in a field that I didn’t plan for, there’s a way to be successful.”

The day-long event concluded with a networking hour, during which Elbert H. Neese, Jr. Professor of Economics Warren Palmer was acknowledged for his contributions to the college. Palmer is retiring at the end of the semester. He has been teaching at the college since 1992 and developed his popular course, “The Life and Financial Planning Workshop,” which helps junior and senior students prepare for financial decisions after graduation.

More about Econ Day can be found on the Samuel J. Campbell Department of Economics website:

By: Whitney Helm
February 20, 2018

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