I may be in Pakistan, but my heart is in Beloit

Raahima Talal’24 discusses why she chose Beloit.

Brief Information about Raahima

Raahima was taking her selfie in her house. Raahima was taking her selfie in her house.
Credit: Raahima Talal’24
Hi everyone, my name is Raahima Talal. I am from Pakistan, and I intended to major at Beloit College in biochemistry. I completed the fall semester remotely from my home country. Although Covid-19 prevented me from flying to the U.S. to attend classes in person, it did not change my passion for Beloit.

Now, however, I am excited to finally be on campus to experience the many things that Beloit College gives its students. I cannot wait to meet my classmates, friends, and professors in person. I started to fall in love with Beloit from the moment I first talked to my admissions counselor. I was quite sure that Beloit College would be a wonderful place for me to spend the next four years of my life. If someone asked me what I do not like about Beloit, it would be hard for me to find answers.

Why Raahima chose Beloit College over other colleges

Raahima Talal's photo standing on the stair. Raahima Talal's photo standing on the stair. Credit: Raahima's friendMany factors motivated me to become a Beloiter. One was the uniqueness of the Beloit community. Beloit tries its best to accommodate students by paying high attention to them. During this hard time, Beloit has proved to me that no matter what students need in terms of academics, health care, or financial support, Beloit finds solutions. 

I also love Beloit’s location. I really like a quiet place and a natural environment. Attending college in the city is not for everyone; some of us want to escape crowded atmospheres and enjoy the serenity. 

Additionally, the Powerhouse became an important consideration. After doing some research, I was really impressed with the decoration, fitness tools, swimming pool, the many available spaces for students, and the services at Hamilton. I am here in Pakistan, but my heart is already in Beloit.

What Beloit College has taught Raahima over the fall semester

Raahima was standing on a sideroad and taking her selfie. Raahima was standing on a sideroad and taking her selfie.
Credit: Raahima Talal’24
One semester has passed. And I’ve found that I have learned and changed a lot. Academically, Beloit has helped me to become more responsible. Online classes were hard for me because of the huge time difference. Therefore, I had to make sure that I was on the right track and ahead of deadlines. Positively, attending online classes has made me realize the value of in-person classes, professors really put in an effort to make online classes were the best learning experiences at this time. Overall, Beloit has shaped me to be a better-prepared student.

I hope that everyone will follow all Beloit guidelines and the Student Statement of Culture to keep each individual safe when the spring semester starts. Right now, I am waiting for a Covid-19 vaccine. Hopefully, I can get it soon because I am so ready to fly to Beloit.

By: Moon Sum'24
January 10, 2021



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