Finding Community at Beloit College during a Pandemic

Candis Dumaa Damtse’24 shares her story of finding community at Beloit College during a pandemic.

Candis Dumaa Damtse’s information

A cute photos of Candis Candis Dumaa Damtse’24 is an international first-year student from Ghana. While she has not yet decided on a major, she is interested in Political Science, Computer Science, Economics, and Data Science, and may minor in French. Despite the uncertainties of the pandemic, Candis made the decision to come to Beloit for the fall 2020 semester. She cannot wait to have in-person interactions with professors and wholesome conversations when the second semester begins.

Candis Likes module system of  Beloit College

“Honestly, I did not know what to expect going into college during a pandemic, but I trusted that Beloit had a solid plan to keep students safe during this pandemic.” Further, Beloit’s decision to adopt a module system really suited Candis. Juggling four classes along with the stress of COVID-19 would have seemed unimaginable. “When I was burnt out from the first two classes, it was time to switch to another set of classes. That helped to rejuvenate my energy and interest.”

How Candis makes new friends during the Pandemic

Candis and her friends were taking photos at Beloit sign To her surprise, Candis she has met lots of great people at Beloit College despite the pandemic. The new student orientation, events organized by SEAL, and conversations over lunch or dinner have made the difference. “To anyone who may be shy, you should put yourself out there as much as possible to participate in any events that students and Beloit create to meet new people and build connections.” For all her delight in having found community at Beloit, Candis admits that masks can make it hard to identify her friends, especially when they change hairstyles and everyone needs to stay six feet away from each other. Nonetheless, friendships have helped life feel normal during this abnormal time.

Candis’s message to everyone at Beloit

Candis's photo Overall, Candis really admires Beloit because of the great job it has done keeping everyone safe, especially first-year students new to the college experience. In the meantime, she asks everyone at Beloit to wear masks and follow the COVID guidelines the college has put in place to keep everyone safe. Her final advice: “Do not give up your spot on the sidewalk for anyone,” and “do not let the sky be your limit but rather your starting point.” Candis is committed to putting in the effort to do her best no matter what comes her way.

By: Moon Sum'24
December 29, 2020

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