Why You Should Read Every Day

Phidor Kong’23 tells us why reading is so important.

Phidor was walking and taking photos with friends. Phidor was walking and taking photos with friends. Credit: Moon Sum“Reading books introduces me to  concepts that I have never thought about before.” With a double major in Political Science and Environmental Justice and Citizenship, Phidor Kong’23 is one of eight SHE-CAN scholars studying at Beloit College with support from the Weissberg Program, other donor funding, and the SHE-CAN Foundation. In addition to working hard in her classes and serving as a research assistant in Beloit College’s political science department, she is passionate about exploring nature and playing the piano. 

What excites her most, however, is reading. “Full access to Beloit College’s resources and the Beloit environment has made me into a passionate reader without my even noticing.”

This book shows Cambodia in 2040 This book shows Cambodia in 2040 Credit: CAMBODIA 2040: CULTURE AND SOCIETY by Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Cambodia and Future ForumDuring the current winter break, Phidor’s reading has alternated between policy articles and romance novels However, Cambodia 2040: Culture and Society, published by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, has become her new favorite book. It has changed her thinking about Cambodia’s future and introduced her to policies that could improve the country’s outlook. For example, “One policy suggestion is that the Cambodian government work closely with the Ministry of Culture; this could provide freedom to artists in Cambodia”. She recommends the book to anyone interested in Cambodia’s future: “This book has inspired me to read more in order to learn about something new, and I hope others can experience the same feeling.”

Phidor was reading her favorite book on her bed. Phidor was reading her favorite book on her bed. Credit: Moon SumPhidor encourages people to read because it can change their way of thinking. Besides, reading is fun; it entertains and educates at the same time. “There are countless things that happen every day around the world that people should be aware of. No matter where they are and what they do, they still need to learn in order to survive and gain more knowledge.”

“Your body needs food, and your brain needs knowledge. Read to change yourself, your country, and the world. We need more leaders who read. The more people read, the less harm they will cause.”

Studying at Beloit College and living in Beloit, WI has helped shape Phidor to be who she is today, for which she is thankful. “The Beloit Community is small but full of resources and support.”

By: Moon Sum'24
December 24, 2020

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