How to Make Financial Aid Slightly Less Frustrating

We’ve got some tips for making this painful process as painless as possible.

Get Organized for the FAFSA

This is what you’ll need in order to submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid each year:

  • Your FSA Account, which you can create at
  • Your social security number
  • Your driver’s license number (if you have one—if not, you can skip this step)
  • Most recent federal income tax information or tax return (or your parent’s or caregiver’s)
  • W-2 forms from jobs and all other records of money earned (or your parent’s or caregiver’s)
  • Bank statements and account balances, records of investments, and untaxed income (if applicable)

Submit the FAFSA Form ASAP

A to-do calendar in Beloit blue and gold. The earlier you submit your FAFSA, the better your chances of getting federal aid before it runs out. Many schools have priority FAFSA filing deadlines that align with their application deadlines.

Go Back and Check for Errors

Wait a few days, and then check your FAFSA again with fresh eyes. Notice an error? Log in to, visit the “My FAFSA” page, select “FAFSA Corrections,” enter your FSA ID, make the necessary changes, and resubmit.

Take a Break

More rest and less clutter will increase your productivity. Move the important financial aid paperwork to a safe place while you focus on something else.

Then, Make Scholarship Applications a Priority

We know that as as a senior you already have a thousand things to do each week. But really try to build scholarships into your workload; if you set aside an hour every Sunday just for this purpose, you might save yourself thousands of dollars down the road. Start by looking at the Scholarship links on our website and on the U.S. Department of Education website.

Worry Less About Your GPA

You don’t need straight A’s to apply for scholarships. Search online and you’ll find dozens of scholarships with no GPA requirements at all.

Interested in attending Beloit? Add Beloit College (code #003835) to your FAFSA form. Learn more at

December 07, 2020

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