“Migrants, Immigrants, and Refugees” course create an online exhibit

Ethnographic museums can be spaces for both political and personal contemplation. While museums may introduce us to new cultural objects that we can learn from, they can also act as catalysts for reflecting upon our own personal and political journeys.

Students from Dr. Jennifer Esperanza’s course “Migrants, Immigrants, and Refugees” have spent the Fall 2020 semester learning about various aspects of migration: reasons why people leave the lands of their birth, of the arduous process and journeys to new places, and of migrants’ efforts to maintain a sense of dignity and safety in their new homelands.

As a final project, the class collaborated with the Logan Museum of Anthropology to create an online exhibit that connects the past and present: - forging connections between ethnographic objects from the Logan with students’ personal stories of migration, diaspora and maintaining cultural ties.

“Objects of Migrations/Objects of Inspiration”

December 06, 2020

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