July 02, 2015

Class of 2019 is a Record Breaker

The size and composition of the class of 2019 is official, and it’s one for the record books.

Beloit has attracted its largest first-year class since 1974, as well as one of the most diverse and internationally representative in the college’s 169-year history.

The approximately 400 students who enrolled for the fall of 2015 hail from 38 states, with the largest contingents coming from Illinois (103) and Wisconsin (51). The third-largest home state was California, with 29 students.

The class is also the most international class ever to enroll at the college, with 44 students from 15 countries heading to Beloit in August. For the second straight year, the college’s number of U.S. minorities in the class grew, as did the number of athletes. Average high school GPA and ACT scores are nearly identical to those of recent years.

Vice President for Enrollment Rob Mirabile attributes the 25 percent growth in enrollment to the college’s surging popularity both nationally and internationally, and to the Beloit community, which played a major role in recruiting and talking to prospective students. “Throughout the year, we focused on connecting prospective students and their parents with the people who can best speak about Beloit’s culture and opportunities—our students, faculty, staff, and alumni,” he says.

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