April 01, 2016

Wry Humor: Reflections as a Side Dish

By Peter M. Lutterbeck’58
AuthorHouse, 2014

Wry Humor: Reflections as a Side Dish, but Peter M. Lutterbeck'58 In this alphabetized collection of essays—whose topics span from the Mafia presence in 1940s Chicago to debates on the merits of the Internet—Peter Lutterbeck recounts fascinating observations from his experiences around the world. Whether it be philosophical treatises on the unrealistic nature of modern films or the shifting state of gender dynamics, Dr. Lutterbeck produces a range of cultural critiques of the times we live in. Yet he also packs the book with fascinating anecdotes from his own life. Dr. Lutterbeck immigrated to the United States from Switzerland in 1939 and returned to Europe after college. He enjoyed successful careers in pathology and international pharmaceuticals for more than three decades before taking up humor writing as a retirement project two years ago.

Also In This Issue

  • The Gil Carter Correspondence

  • The Women’s Soccer team welcomed Isla Lentz.

    Soccer Team Signs 6-Year-Old

  • Drawing of William Shakespeare

    Shakespeare and the Actor

  • Susan Beebe’72, left, and Barbara Beck’70 on a trolley car. The roommates worked for the U.S. Passport Agency in San Francisco.

    The Illustrious Field Term


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