April 01, 2016

The Dolphin

By Craig Bennett Hallenstein’72
Storyville Press, 2016

Craig Hallenstein’s first novel is a psychological thriller set in New Orleans, La., the city where the main character Sean Jordan has moved for a fresh start. A conservative radio talk show host looking for higher ratings outs Jordan as a sex offender, and when the radio hosts’ 13-year-old daughter disappears, Jordan is a suspect. Police pursue him, unaware that Jordan is also a victim of a kidnapper who is terrorizing the city of New Orleans the night before Mardi Gras. While this fast-paced, suspenseful tale is a work of fiction, Hallenstein says it’s also a commentary on two contemporary issues: flaws in the nation’s sex offender registration program, and the media’s role in polarizing public opinion. Hallenstein is a psychologist and the father of five children.

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