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Centering Performance

In a recent book, Music professor Daniel Barolsky advocates that an increased focus on music performers would make music education more complete and inclusive.

Daniel Barolsky has always been obsessed by performers, especially Jacqueline du Pré and Glenn Gould. But as an undergraduate and graduate student, he found his passions and interests marginalized by his teachers of music history and theory, who were more focused on composers and their scores.

His chapter, “Performers and Performances as Music History: Moving Away from the Margins” argues that the teaching of musicology and music theory would be enhanced by centering performers. Not only would such a focus reorient the discipline by including the creative roles of performers and audiences, but it reveals the structural barriers that have so long excluded numerous voices from existing music histories.

Daniel’s chapter was written for The Norton Guide to Teaching Music History and it was announced at the national conference for the American Musicological Society that the Norton Guide had won the 2020 Teaching Award.

November 10, 2020
  • Norton, Guide to Teaching Music History

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