Powerhouse bridge installed

The Beloit Powerhouse reached another milestone: the pedestrian bridge was installed.

Beloit recognized a major milestone on June 5 when workers installed the 75-ton pedestrian bridge that connects campus to the Powerhouse by way of Highway 51/Pleasant Street. The dramatic scene involved closing the highway for several days while the bridge, spanning 180 feet, arrived on semis in three large sections. Two towering cranes moved the pieces so workers could connect two sections before the third and final part was lifted, attached, and anchored down. The bridge was manufactured over the winter in Minnesota from weathered steel. Once finished, it will feature wooden decking, a corrugated metal roof, and metal mesh side panels. The eastern side of the bridge will intersect with the sidewalk just north of the campus Sports Center and enter the Powerhouse inside a third-floor atrium with stairs and an elevator that offer access to other floors of the recreation center and student union.

June 05, 2019

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