A Dream turned into Reality

Yucheng Tu 21’ a Business Economics major had been wanting to start a clothing business of his own since he was in high school.

Yucheng started the idea in 2016, and had been working on it off and on over the past four years. August of this year Yucheng opened up his website and brand Chiggate which is an online ecommerce streetwear clothing brand. On the website you will find tops, cargo pants, joggers, and shoes at affordable prices.

For Yucheng it took a while to get to the point of starting his business, in which he divided that into two separate stages. The first stage consisted of Yucheng accumulating information, and conducting research about the market, advertisement, coming up with start up capital, and establishing a relationship with a clothing factory. The second stage is to then take action, and use all the information gained within the first stage.

With Chiggate being up for roughly four months Yucheng has found that he enjoys running his own business. It has been more difficult than he originally thought, but says that it is important to be able to analyze an issue, and be adaptable. Yucheng attributes the success of his business to his competitive advantage because he is able to have more affordable prices compared to his competitors.

By: Kyle Brown'21
November 04, 2020

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