September 17, 2016

Red Lakes

By Joshua Harding’94

Red Lakes By Joshua Harding'94 Red Lakes follows the story of Sergei, a meat farmer living in a totalitarian Soviet state that rises from the ashes of a nuclear holocaust. But at the head of this new regime is a mysterious figure with red hair, white skin, and clown-like feet, not unlike a certain fast food chain mascot. When one considers that the people of this new state subsist on burgers, things seem suspicious. Sergei quickly finds himself in the middle of a grand conspiracy when he discovers that he is actually a clone of the State’s founder. But just as Sergei is being groomed for power, a group kidnaps him and tries to open his eyes to the horrors that the State is carrying out against his people. Placed between absolute power and a chance to liberate his countrymen, Sergei is forced to make an epic choice. “It’s like Soylent Green in Russia,” says author Tony Trevithick.

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