October 24, 2020

Memories from the Class of 2020

The class of 2020 had limited chances to say goodbye and exchange memories before they graduated, so we invited them to share some of their best Beloit memories here.
  • One of Mustafa Quadir’s many happy memories includes serving as an international student flag bearer at Beloit’s 2016 Convocation. Shown from left are Mustafa, Yashodhara Kundra, and YJ Na. — Submitted by Mustafa Quadir
  • Charles Sandberg, Carter Skolnick, YJ Na, Mustafa Quadir, and Katherine Jossi toast their senior year in the President’s House garden during a Senior Toast event for the class of 2020. The five friends met during their first year when they were neighbors in Aldrich, second floor. — Submitted by Mustafa Quadir
  • Students including Yashodhara Kundra and Shreya Regmi fondly remember tossing colored powder in front of Chapin Hall during the 2018 Holi celebration. This photo was taken by classmate Gabe Gonzalez. — Submitted by Shreya Regmi
  • Charlie Holguin and his TKE brothers raise the fraternity’s flag at the main Beloit College sign at Chapin and College Streets. — Submitted by Charlie Holguin
  • “One of my fondest memories was my move-in day freshman year, when my roommate Marit Simmons and I met for the first time. It was a full two minutes before we realized we were wearing the same outfit, green shorts and a blue striped shirt. I guess the algorithm matched us well! We’re still best friends to this day.” — Tess Lydon, shown at right
  • Playing Frisbee with friends on Aldrich field is a favorite Beloit memory for Emma Hahn and her friends. From left are Hayden Lamphere, Emma, Paige Densmore, and Joanna Furlan. — Submitted by Emma Hahn
  • This group of 2020 graduates counts playing tennis and going on many road trips together as favorite Beloit memories. Shown from left are teammates Priya Heinen, Emma Hahn, Hayden Lamphere, and Jamie Kelly. — Submitted by Emma Hahn
  • Classmates who became friends the first day of their First-Year Initiatives class celebrated their senior year at the President’s House during the Senior Toast event last fall. From left are Kelly McLean, Paige Densmore, and Chloe Flemming. — Submitted by Paige Densmore
  • #9 Friends relish a trivia night victory at Bushel and Pecks. Back row: Amanda Barren, Paige Wimbrow, Chloe Fleming, and Paige Densmore. Front row: Luke Brennan, Molly Muller, and Meghan Reilly. — Submitted by Paige Densmore

Yashodhara Kundra

Yashodhara Kundra?20 doing a graduation photoshoot with fellow seniors who were still on the Belo... Being a Beloiter has been an enthralling journey of self-discovery. I’ve met interesting people from around the world and made friends for life. Sadly, due to Covid-19, I couldn’t say goodbye to a lot of them face-to-face. Being on an empty campus after classes went online was getting tiring and lonely.

A few of my friends and I, all seniors, were upset because our graduation was canceled. I decided to organize a graduation photoshoot for all of us and it was awesome! We played music, took pictures around campus, and got Taco Bell afterwards.

I couldn’t be more grateful to have made these friends! I will miss being in quarantine with you Shreya, Simone, Sabrina, and James. Thank you for making my last few months at Beloit special!

Daniel O’Leary

I had no idea that my first day on campus was going to lead me down an incredible path of personal growth and fond memories, especially at my freshman and sophomore dorm in Chapin, where I learned so much and made some fantastic friends.

Ellis Lewis

Ellis Lewis?20 I have many fond memories from being a member of TKE and the track team, but my favorite was one weekend on the TKE porch.

I was a new member and I decided to play some music on the speakers we had at the time. At first, only a small group of people came out to enjoy the weekend sun. But soon the whole community came out to enjoy music, toss around a Frisbee, read, and even do homework. This moment to me was simply perfect. The weather was great and everyone was having a good time.

It reminded me that while we live different lives, we have one thing in common: Being Beloiters. I couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon.

Brendan Crosby

I loved seeing the prints that I made in my art classes being shown around and commented on, as well as seeing some of them being displayed for sale in the gallery in town.

Tobin Greenwald

Tobin Greenwald?20 with the lacrosse team in the middle of a snow storm in early 2019. This is a photo from a lacrosse practice in early 2019. On the lacrosse team, we practice in any weather and this day exemplified that. With snow getting in our facemasks and sticking to our cleats, we continued to play. It was times like this, surrounded by many friends, that made my Beloit experience incredible.

McKensie Finan

My fondest memory was meeting my best friend in my calculus class sophomore year. It was the easiest friendship I’ve made and from that I was able to push myself out of my comfort zone and have the best college experience I could’ve asked for.

Samantha Funk

Professor Debra Majeed I had been taking quite a few of Dr. Majeed’s courses after stumbling into her 8 a.m. introductory course to religious studies my first year, which led me to a minor in religious studies.

One class had been working on a difficult prep assignment for our upcoming paper, and Dr. Majeed was not happy with the results of our work. She encouraged us to keep going. Although I adored Dr. Majeed, I struggled with the rigor and intellect her classes demanded when I first arrived on campus.

She asked to speak to me after class before handing back my assignment, while giving everyone else their papers back. I was devastated. When she called me over, she shook her head and started laughing. I was confused, to say the least. I think I said, “Was it really so bad? I’m sorry Professor Majeed.” She replied, “No. I just wanted to take a moment with you to let you know that I am proud of your work, and I am sure that you are a scholar. I don’t know what your plans are after Beloit yet, but you are a scholar.”

I relied on those words for the rest of my college career—when I woke up at 5 a.m. with a concussion that same semester, and when the pandemic struck and I was in a dark place trying to finish college from the unlikely comfort of my childhood bedroom. Those words reminded me earlier on in my college career that I could do this. For those words from Dr. Majeed, along with every person and for every positive and negative experience I had at Beloit College—I am eternally grateful.

Cory Arnett

Cory Arnett?20 and friends standing together. My fondest memory consists of spending two years of my college life living on the same floor with my best friends and being able to see them grow. They helped me through so much, and I loved creating countless memories with them.

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