May 01, 2017

The March Against Fear

By Ann Bausum’79
National Geographic, 2017

The March Against Fear By Ann Bausum'79 Beginning as a peaceful protest in June of 1966, the March Against Fear started with James Meredith walking across his home state of Mississippi in resistance to hate and discrimination, and as an encouragement for African Americans to register to vote. But two days into his walk, Meredith was shot by a white sniper and hospitalized. Civil rights leaders, including Martin Luther King, Jr., rallied together with the purpose of finishing his walk, the first and last of its kind, spanning hundreds of miles and several weeks.

In The March Against Fear, Bausum writes of this nearly forgotten yet historic protest, shedding light on its importance as a prominent turning point in the fight for equality. Bausum is the author of 13 books, including two others on the civil rights movement (Freedom Riders and Marching to the Mountaintop, both with National Geographic).

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