Data Scientist: More Than Just Working with Data

Anthony Racine ’13 knows how to “sell” his creativity and problem-solving skills as an Analytics Manager.

Anthony Racine works as an Analytics Manager at Merkle Inc., a global marketing agency. His job is two-fold: not only does he work directly with data flows - extracting, transforming, and loading - but also manages a team, oversees projects, and maintains client relations. Being an Analytics Manager is busy and intense, but most things can be done remotely, so Anthony typically works from home two days a week. His favorite part of his job is being able to use his creativity and problem-solving skills at work.

As advice for recent graduates looking for jobs in data science, Anthony recommends networking, being open-minded, and working on written and verbal communication skills. “There are lots of smart people with great technical skills, but skills aren’t worth much if you can’t sell them.”

By: Hayley Tran'21, Hannah Gutelius'20
July 28, 2019

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