Data Scientist: More Than Just Working with Data

Anthony Racine ’13 knows how to “sell” his creativity and problem-solving skills as an Analytics Manager.

Anthony Racine works as an Analytics Manager at Merkle Inc., a global marketing agency. His job is two-fold: not only does he work directly with data flows - extracting, transforming, and loading - but also manages a team, oversees projects, and maintains client relations. Being an Analytics Manager is busy and intense, but most things can be done remotely, so Anthony typically works from home two days a week. His favorite part of his job is being able to use his creativity and problem-solving skills at work.

As advice for recent graduates looking for jobs in data science, Anthony recommends networking, being open-minded, and working on written and verbal communication skills. “There are lots of smart people with great technical skills, but skills aren’t worth much if you can’t sell them.”

Hayley Tran ’21, Hannah Gutelius ’20
July 28, 2019

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