October 16, 2020

The Leader’s Manual: Leaders on Leadership

By Roger H. Hull,
President Emeritus

The Leader's Manual: Leaders on Leadership By Roger H. Hull This book by Beloit’s eighth college president identifies and examines 20 leadership principles, then connects them to the ideas, actions, and words of world leaders throughout the ages.

Also In This Issue

  • Students are expected to wear masks at all times on campus, indoors and outdoors, except when they are in their dorm rooms.

    At a Critical Moment, Students Rewrite Their Statement of Culture

  • First Laugh Welcome, Baby! by Nancy Bo Flood’67 and Rose Ann Tahe

    First Laugh Welcome, Baby!

  • After the college’s Black Lives Matter signs were removed, students added their own signs to the Powerhouse Bridge.

    Banners That Matter

  • Button reading “Survived the Blackout!” from the October 1983 power outage in Blaisdell, Bushnell, and Peet.

    When the Lights Went Out


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