January 01, 2018

Marking the End of an Era

When the Beloit Plan died in 1978, it didn’t go quietly. That summer, when the end came for Beloit’s experimental curriculum with its year-round program, students held a mock funeral on campus.
  • Funeral for the Beloit summer term, Phil Straffin and Judy Schroeder, Max Kunin in the red hair.
    Cam Murray’80

Last summer, Cam Murray’80 shared photos he took of this event, which involved a hearse, a grieving widow, eulogies, a coffin, and a lot of black attire.

Speakers included Alden Solovy’79, and professors Bob Irrmann and Tom McBride. Murray described the event as a little bit of a critique toward the college administration and “just a reason to have a party.” This spring marks 50 years since the first class graduated under the Beloit Plan in 1968. Watch for a story in 2018 to recognize this milestone.

Also In This Issue

  • Photo by: Dennis Moore

    James Osen, Corlis Professor of History

  • Students work to plant new plants at the site of a 250-year-old tree that fell during a spring storm.

    Many Hands, Quick Work

  • Jim and Marge Sanger

    Science Center Named for Sangers

  • Photo by: Mary Munro

    Nelson Van Valen, Professor of History


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