International Friday: The Views from our Windows

This week, we’re looking at views from the windows of Beloiters all over the world!

Ohio, USA - Evangeline McFarlin’21

“A double rainbow from this past summer!”

?A double rainbow from this past summer!?

Kansas, USA - Gabe Gonzalez’20

“Lucy the dog enjoys the highway views!” Lucy the dog enjoys the highway views from the car.

Beloit, WI, USA - Professor Beth Dougherty, Political Science

“The view from my kitchen window on a perfect fall day!”

Maple tree with orange fall leaves


Shenandoah National Park, VA, USA - Kaela Evans’20

Kaela Evans?20

Beloit, WI, USA & Cork, Ireland - Meg Kulikowski’21

housing block View from student rooms. Cork (above). Beloit (below). View out the window of a Beloit campus dorm


Oregon, USA - Midori Tanada’22

View over tree tops with mountains in the distance. Oregon.

Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, Spain - Ava Rockafield’20

Terrace view from the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona!

Nevada, USA - Gabe Perry’20

Desert landscape view from my car window.

IL/WI Stateline Area, USA - Professor Sylvia Lopez, Modern Languages and Literatures 

“A wild turkey after quenching its thirst.”

?a Wild turkey after quenching its thirst.?

California, USA - Deji Agunbiade’20

Great view! Rocky overlook in the foreground with mountains in the distance.

Another great view. Mountains with a high trail winding to the right.

Pearson’s Hall, Beloit College Campus, USA - Sam Schachter’23 Favorite view of campus. View out a corner window in Pearsons Hall.

New York City, USA; Paris, France & Cuernavaca, Mexico - Kaija Groom’20


Parisian view.


Georgia, USA - Valley Stripemaas’19

“St. Catherine’s Island in Georgia - Always on my mind!”

?Georgia's always on my mind!?

San Francisco, CA, USA - Professor Beatrice McKenzie, History

“This photo was taken at 11:20 am on September 9, 2020 from our apartment window in San Francisco. Smoke from the fires descended into the Bay Area and blotted out the sun. ?This photo was taken at 11:20 am on September 9, 2020 from our apartment window in San Francisco...

Gattaran, Cagayan, The Phillippines - Hannah Kang’22 The Philippines


Chicago, IL, USA - Nicole Claudio’21

Fountains in front of the lake.

Pretty city.

Black Lives Matter, Chicago!

Tracks in the loop

Valparaíso, Chile & Seattle Harbor, WA, USA - Eva Haykin’21

“Different windows, same ocean!” Valpo sunset On the ferry in the Seattle Harbor to Bainbridge Island!

Valparaíso (left).

Seattle (below).

Eva Haykin’21
October 16, 2020

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