International Friday: The Pets that Comfort Us

Whether our pets are with us in Beloit, in our more permanent homes elsewhere, or we have met them while living abroad, pets and humans often form powerful bonds.

Cuddly Pets

Socks and Boots - Sarah Miller’23

“My cats Socks and Boots hanging out in the window at home.”

My cats Socks and Boots hanging out in the window at home

Priscilla - Isabel Mendoza’22

My queen Priscilla “My queen Priscilla.”


Chico - Kendra Grogan’21

My dog Chico, I miss him so much “My dog Chico, I miss him so much.”


Chip & Sky - Candis Damtse’24

“Pets in Ghana are rarely kept indoors, because of the dirt.”

Chip Chip
Sky Sky

KC and Milton - Kathy Landon, International Education

Yorkie sitting on a girls lap “Our family dog is Milton. He is a BIG part of our life. In this photo, Milton is joining Krissy Landon (Jr. at BMHS) for Bring Your Pet to Class Day. In this photo Krissy and Milton are listening to one of the lectures on The History of Rock and Roll.”

Pandora - Maria Elvira Lopez ’21

Girl hugging brown horse “This is my horse Pandora, she’s super affectionate.”

Nelson and Charlie - Matt Crandall’22

One chocolate lab and one golden lab with toys in their mouth “Our family goofballs, Nelson and Charlie.”

Leo - David Kunczynski’21

Kitten napping on top of a couch “Taking a nap on top of the couch.”

Phoebe - May Willison’23

“Phoebe on her birthday.” Dog wearing party hat

Audrey - Becky Moffett, M-I Program Coordinator

Here we are taking a walk by the science center! “Audrey is my 4-year-old Bassett. She is named after the character Audrey from “Christmas Vacation.” She is my pure Joy!”

Goose - Elisabeth Balisteri’21

Dark grey cat asleep “Goose napping in his favorite spot.”

Lincoln - Audrey Peasley’23

Golden lab puppy on grass “Our family dog Lincoln when he was a puppy.”

Some Good Boys – Shannon Shoville, Music

One black and white dog and one blonde dog sitting together on a bed

Frankie - Jennifer Esperanza, Anthropology

Prof. Esperanza and a blonde rescue dog “This is me and my dog Frankie. He was rescued from a kill shelter in Louisiana and we don’t know much about him, except that he’s probably around 10 years old, and is a mix of lab, and a bunch of other breeds. Frankie prefers people over other dogs, and before the pandemic, he enjoyed running with the cross-country team.”

Flash in a Pot with Arugula - Elizabeth Brewer, International Education

Cats love making beds. In this photo, Flash has made a bed in a flower pot behind a bed of arugul... “Flash spent his first months of life living on Kinnikinnick Farm in Caledonia, IL. There, he often nested on hay bales in the barn. Now, in his home in the city, he took to nesting in flower pots on the porch during the winter. Here, he has chosen a pot of grass behind a larger pot of bright green arugula.

Pets of another Character

Highland Cows – Maria Scarpaci, SEL

Highland cows in front of a building “They weren’t necessarily specifically my pets….but, when I studied abroad in Scotland, this is the house where I stayed and we had these wonderful Highland Cows in our front yard.”

Cats in Rome – Tamara Ketabgian, English

Wild cats on an ancient wall in Rome “A photo of cats that Prof. Daniel Youd and I took on our last sabbatical in Rome, at the cat sanctuary at Torre Argentina.”

Farm Machinery Pets – Elizabeth Brewer, International Education

Two farm machinery animals with a gnome friend “For number of years, a vendor at the Beloit Farmers’ Market has sold animals and other objects made from farm machinery parts. Some of these have found a home in my yard. In this photo, Frank der Truthahn, aka Frank the Turkey, stands on the right. He’s conferring with Wilhelmina the Lawnmower Dog, who hails from Appleton, WI, and Sloth, a native of Beloit.

October 09, 2020

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