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Turning your summer experiences into a credit

In order to adjust to COVID-19, Beloit has changed the structure of two summer courses.

COVID-19 has completely changed the structure of our world. In light of that, Beloit College has expanded the scope of two summer courses to include more real-life experiences.

Turn Your Summer Into an Internship is designed to count experiences happening closer to home for credit. Students participating in activities such as babysitting, yard work, online businesses, and working what is considered an “essential job,” are now examples of work that can be used for course credit. The first 50 students to enroll will have their tuition covered by the Channels program. Students are eligible to register through the college’s Portal anytime between May 15-August 15, though they must register prior to beginning any work.

These opportunities help our students maintain momentum towards their academic and career goals, reflecting on the challenges of the pandemic to prepare for the future,” says Carol Wickersham, director for community-based learning and the Duffy Community Partnerships.

Writing Wherever You Are: Summer Reflection and Writing, a 100-level course co-taught by English Professors Chuck Lewis and Michael Dango, asks students to use their writing to reflect on this historic time they’re living through.

“A writing course that gives students a chance to reflect on this “pandemic moment” offers a unique opportunity to combine advising and teaching–academic skills, personal concerns, social issues–in a way that is in our DNA at Beloit,” says Lewis.

Whitney Helm
May 29, 2020

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