Beloit College signs agreement with Acadeum College Consortium

Beloit College students will now have an additional option to take online summer courses at other institutions. Beloit recently signed an agreement with Acadeum College Consortium, a group of colleges that exchange online courses.

The registration process is similar to study abroad in which students pay tuition to Beloit and then select an approved program offered by another institution. For the summer online courses, students register through Beloit’s Portal for any Beloit-approved courses offered by different institutions. Courses are available for the cost of $1,800 in biology, economics, math, and psychology, which represent the most frequently transferred summer courses to Beloit.

“It also allows for flexibility in meeting student needs for academic coursework not available in Beloit College’s curriculum during the academic year,” says Josh Moore, director for Center for Immersive and Experiential Learning Opportunities.

By: Whitney Helm
May 29, 2020

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