Fridays with Fred: New Student Days

A quick look at the tradition of New Student Days!

New Student Days date back to at least 1925. Then known as Freshman Days, students attended a variety of required programs—the giving of “Mental Tests” among them—and numerous helpful lectures such as “The Taking of Notes,” “Regulations – Their Function,” “Social Adjustments,” “What is a College For?” and “College History, Customs and Traditions.”

Monday evening, students flocked to an informal class party at Scoville Hall (today the site of Scoville Center) “with readings by Professor G.F. Rassweiler, singing, and social games.” By the late 1970s, the era of this photograph, students had, among many options, an all-campus jog, a bike tour, poetry readings at the Middle Earth Café, and a late night dance with the Shakedown Band at the Smith Union ballroom.

Fred Burwell ’86
August 19, 2010

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