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Senior Spotlight

The Office for Student Success, Equity, and Community is highlighting students of the class of 2020 who have left a mark on Beloit College and those around them. Read below about the nominated seniors, from the words of their peers and professors.

Parker BluntParker Blunt

Major - Anthropology

“Parker has to be one of the most organized people I know. They have shown me their planner, which is absolutely filled! Yet they need this with the amount with which they are involved. When I first met them a few years ago, they were volunteering at the Janesville Humane Society and the League of Women Voters. On campus, they are in SPIEL and Alpha Sigma Tau (AST), where they helped put together the Freedom March. They even mentored and tutored high school students through Upward Bound. I love getting the chance to talk to them; they are such a kind, caring person.”

Jacob CunninghamJacob Cunningham

Major - Health and Society

“Jacob is an excellent student who has devoted himself to being the best he can be. He is one of the most selfless people on campus that is always willing to give back in whichever way possible. Jacob can brighten someone’s day just by his presence and demeanor. He has been involved with firefighting and plans to pursue that after college, which is a demonstration of the type of person he is. Thanks Jacob for always being selfless and great student to have around.”

Katelynn SinclairKatelynn Sinclair

Major - Anthropology

“I didn’t meet Katelynn until I joined AST but I am so glad that I did meet her. She is an amazing leader and a great friend. Katelynn puts her all into everything that she does and always does her best to help others. Katelynn has been an enthusiastic Anthro major with minors in Museum Studies and History. Her enthusiasm for exhibit-building was especially evident in her work on last year’s History Harvest project about Black migration to Beloit. She has also served as president of Alpha Sigma Tau for three semesters, where her energy and commitment have been invaluable.”

Yutong YangYutong Yang

Major - Anthropology

“Yutong has been a proactive student and dear friend since freshman year. We met up when we were studying abroad and she was kind and showed me around. She’s bright and deserves the best the world has to offer! No matter the mood or day, she has the ability to make everyone smile. She is an amazing friend, dedicated student, and an overall wonderful person to be around.”

Kat GrzeszkiewiczKat Grzeszkiewicz

Major - Media Studies

“Kat is an excellent student that helped build up the media studies major and is a great friend. She made Beloit feel like home for me. She worked hard to finish her media studies major in two years while also handling the stress of softball and relationships. She is very accepting and willing to help others. My college experience would not have been the same without her and I am thankful for that. I am glad to have met her and look forward to staying friends as we graduate.”

Nicole DolcimascoloNicole Dolcimascolo

Majors - Sociology and ECIP

“Nicole has been involved in so many ways, from being a member of Kappa Delta Sorority and the Women’s Lacrosse team, to working for Belmark Associates or the Admissions office. A double major in IPE and sociology, Nicole participated in the Duffy program (interned at The House of Mercy Homeless Shelter) and studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. Through a Beloit connection, she applied for and got offered a job as a Research Analyst at Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corporation (WWBIC) in Madison, Wisconsin.”

Claire ReadClaire Read

Major - Creative Writing

“Claire has been my best friend here since new student days. She is the most empathetic, perceptive, and loyal person I know. It’s been wonderful to see her follow her passion for writing and stand up comedy. She was recently featured in the Wisconsin Film Festival for a short film she directed and wrote while studying abroad in Australia. She is always humble about her many successes and has never stopped doing things that challenge her, no matter how terrifying they may be sometimes. Claire’s selflessness and creativity makes Beloit a better place.”


Major - Health and Society

“YJ is a passionate student and friend who improves the lives of everyone around her. She is immensely caring and gets everyone excited for life at Beloit. I met YJ my freshman year and have been grateful ever since. During her time at Beloit College, YJ has thrived on connections on and off campus, including as a mentor to Korean adoptees in the Beloit community. Thoughtful and friendly, her personality adapts to any situation and age group. She is the kind of person that lifts people up and sends them away with a smile!”

Benjamin ScottBenjamin Scott

Major - Biochemistry 

“I met Ben during my first semester at Beloit. We were both in Human Biology together and were assigned to work as partners for a project. I supplied the colored pencils, and he supplied extremely detailed knowledge of eukaryotic cells. He’s not only an amazing student, but he’s also an extremely kind and hilarious person. Beloit wouldn’t be the same without him.”

Sadie HumlekerSadie Humleker

Major - Creative Writing

“Sadie is a kind student who works extremely hard on her school life and her friendships. Whether she is working at the music department, hanging out with friends, or speaking in class, she is always dependable. Sadie is intelligent, caring, and fun to be around. She is a talented writer and musician and her devotion to her classes and passions is inspiring. Additionally she is very caring - whether it’s helping students at the writing center or lending a hand to a friend.”

Mustafa QuadirMustafa Quadir

Majors - Biochemistry and Anthropology

“When people think of Res Life they think of Mustafa. He is hard-work personified. I have been in numerous committees with him and I’m always blown away by his diligence, commitment, and ingenuity. Mustafa makes Beloit College a true community. He has taken the time to get involved in just about everything on campus, and makes participating in a community approachable. He is an excellent student, a caring community member, and he loves cats! His care for his residents, passion for talking to prospective students, and gumption within Boat Club will be missed dearly. He has pushed campus to think and approach problems differently, and helped make current students feel heard to campus leadership. I hope campus can continue to live up to the example he has set.”

Sloane ScheckelSloane Scheckel

Major - Anthropology

“In addition to being a excellent student, Sloane works to make their communities equitable. They’re interested in everyday justice, in the ways in which we have opportunities to include, even when we don’t. They use theories learned in classes to analyze their world in order to make their communities stronger by making them more inclusive. Sloane is a gentle, kind soul who, true to the College’s mission, is making the world a better place through their own practices in the world. Sloane enrolled in an upper-level creative writing course with me, and they were the only non-creative writing major in the room. Initially, it seemed like other students were being hostile to them for not being an insider. But that didn’t deter Sloane, and they wrote two wonderful pieces for that class. They didn’t write to impress anyone—they just wrote what they felt like writing. I think that took a lot of strength. Sloane is the most solid friend I’ve ever known. They feel like family.“

Gabriel GonzalezGabriel Gonzalez

Majors - Dance and Sociology

“Gabe is a ray of sunshine. I met him during New Student Days and he has been one of my greatest friends at Beloit. He is always there to give you a hug when you need one and to make sure you’re having a good time. He is loving and accepting toward everyone and his contagious energy makes him a very loved person on campus. Gabe has made Beloit a place of performance and love! He welcomes everyone with open arms and the biggest most inviting smile I’ve ever seen. Jasmine Rice has been the drag mom of beloit and gets the student hyped like no else. Gabe also is an amazing dancer and excels at everything he does, I feel like he lives to spread joy and passion. “

Faviola (Favi) RamirezFaviola (Favi) Ramirez

Major - Health and Society

“Favi is kind, understanding, and giving. She is a complex thinker and gives her all to figuring out ways in which she can better the community around her. She is passionate about her activism and art, just as much so as she is by the beauty she finds in every individual around her. She repeatedly gets out of her comfort zone to improve herself and those around her. She’s been involved with a variety of programming and organizations, including Voces Club and student health initiatives, and has worked as a RA. I’m sure she’s been an inspiration to other students.”

Alex CullisonAlex Cullison

Majors - Anthropology and Modern Languages

“Alex has been a conscientious staff member in Career and Community Engagement Center for two years. He has been a backbone of our work, as we transitioned databases (not an easy task), updated our resources, and served students. He is also a McNair scholar and his research interests in language and culture will undoubtedly make him an excellent graduate school. Finally, he is an involved member of the Beloit Community and has served BSFFA and student government during his time as a student. I remember Alex joining our program at the beginning of his Sophomore year. As part of the orientation, we were kayaking down the Kishwaukee River. And now, here he is about to graduate with his degree with nearly a 4.0, a McNair scholar, and having studies abroad. What a scholar!”

Ebony MillerEbony Miller

Major - Biochemistry

“I met Ebony my first day at Beloit, and over these past four years, she’s become one of my closest friends. I’m a pretty shy person, and without her friendship, I wouldn’t have made half of the amazing memories I’ve had at Beloit (e.g., Great Lakes party, learning about bell runs, TAing intro chem together, GWIS, etc.). Ebony is an academically successful student and is a true leader on campus. In addition to working in the LEADS office as a Learning Assistant, she also participated in the Beloit Community Health Initiative and the Girls and Women in Science program. She is a compassionate and amazing young woman who is going to make the world a healthier place when she reaches her life goal of becoming a doctor. Beloit College isn’t Beloit College without Ebony.”

Shavaise ThomasShavaise Thomas

Majors - Educational Youth Studies and Sociology

“Shay is a very motivated student. During our time at Beloit, she has been very active in the various clubs and Greek organization she participated in. She is very outspoken, and does not hesitate to stand up for what is right.”

Andy RichAndy Rich

Major - Geology

“Andy loves rocks, but more than that he has a sweet heart and is always there to listen. He is able to think things through and was fun to hang out with in Ecotoxicology.”

Chloe FlemingChloe Fleming

Majors - Sociology and Psychology

“Chloe maintained her double major, job as a volleyball coach, and a prestigious internship throughout her senior year. We are so proud of you and excited for your future. Congratulations Chloe!”

Ellis LewisEllis Lewis

Majors - Creative Writing and Literary Studies

“Ellis is very committed and passionate about anything he gets involved in. He does a lot of work behind the scenes that goes unnoticed.”

Mason JonesMason Jones

Major - Sociology

“Mason was one of the first people I met on campus. Throughout our four years of friendship, I have witnessed him grow as someone who goes beyond simply being a member of the Basketball team.In his downtime he has done research on campus and in addition, he has been accepted to various grad schools. Mason will be attending the University of Minnesota in the fall pursuing a Ph. D. in Sociology. Mason has worked so hard to excel at Beloit while also providing for his family back home in California. His Duffy research and his work at Derrick’s house in Beloit has impacted the community and allowed Mason to grow as a person and researcher. He will change the world with his focus on youth and the foster care system and he has and will go on to make great changes for the current and next generation of youth. He is truly the embodiment of hard work and passion.”

Alexa ArakelianAlexa Arakelian

Major - Psychology

“Alexa has worked in the HWC (Health and Wellness Center) for 2 years and it has been a pleasure. She has been a leader and a programming mogul on campus and I feel lucky to have had her in my corner. She is fierce and determined and I am so excited to watch her take her next steps in the world. Alexa has been through so much as a student on campus and yet she continued to push herself and made time for others. She was the president of her sorority and represented the organization well on campus. She wore her letters with pride and outside of that she pushed herself to do her best as a member on the women’s Lacrosse team. A Beloiter through and through. Thank you Alexa, for calling Beloit and the HWC home.”

Casey WagnerCasey Wagner

Majors - Biochemistry and Business Economics

“Casey is an exceptional student, leader, and human being. He certainly made a great impact for the soccer team as a player and a captain, but has also been consistently one of the best if not the best student on our team. He has a 3.6 cumulative GPA, has served as both a tutor and a TA, is double majoring in biochemistry and business economics, and is involved with Mortar Board. Casey has already been accepted into a PhD program at UW Madison for biochemistry, but is still waiting to hear from the other graduate schools that he applied to.”

Emma WiseEmma Wise

Major - Psychology

“Emma is truly committed to the well-being of others. Astute about equity and universal design, she can be counted on to make sure her classmates are in the loop about assignments. Her extensive work in the Beloit community has offered a glimpse of how highly effective she’ll be as a clinical social worker. She is always there with amazing advice or a kind word. She is a bright light and has made my time at Beloit a truly great time.”

Hayden Lamphere

Undergraduate and Faculty Fellows Program for a Diverse Professoriate Annual Summit at Roosevelt ...

Major - History

“Hayden is an amazing friend and always makes me laugh! After taking four years of museum studies classes together and working with her at the Wright Museum, we have created great memories! Being on the tennis team together has also been so much fun, and she was a great doubles partner!”

Samantha Funk

Samantha Funk

Major - Theatre (Performance)

“Sam is kind and warm to everyone. She works incredibly hard and is super passionate. She is the kind of person who makes Beloit a worthwhile place. Sam was one of the first people I met at Beloit College. We have been in a couple of classes together and have collaborated on different projects. Sam is full of so much kindness, and always goes above and beyond in everything that she does. She is very supportive of others and has been involved in so many different ways, both on campus and within the Beloit community, leaving a positive impact and igniting change and hope.”

Rose Johnson

Rose Johnson

Major - Critical Identity Studies

“Rose is a wonderful person who has done a great deal to improve the situation of students at this school, as well as supporting her friends in their endeavors.”

Jeremy Duval’23 and Sarah Miller’23
April 20, 2020

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