The best of Beloiters’ pet pals

After two weeks of furocious competition, meet the four pawsome finalists for the Pet Photo Contest!

When asked for pet photos at the end of March, 80 Beloiters eagerly shared pictures of their friends at home. When voting started two weeks ago, hundreds of Beloiters also eagerly participated in the five rounds of voting so far.

Now only four finalists remain, and the winner will be determined this week.

Now that the finals are here, knowing who to vote for is more important than ever. To help you make your final decisions, we’ve collected short “pawfiles” on each of the four finalists.

Meet the Finalists 


Geneva the Dog

  • Name Origin: Named after Geneva, Switzerland - her breed has Swiss origins.
  • Age: 10 years old (about 12 weeks old in the picture)
  • Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog Gender: Female
  • Favorite Activity: Playing in the snow
  • Favorite Treat: Cream Cheese
  • Favorite Spot to Hang Out: Front porch, the colder outside, the better.
  • Stories: She has a human sounding cry when begging for attention from students on campus. Geneva will race us to the couch for prime position for relaxing.
  • Final Note: Geneva is a good pal to have while a stay-at-home order is in place.
  • Largest Victory: Round 2, 83.1% vs. Ruby
  • Closest Victory: Round 3, 56.3% vs. Scout


Murphy the Dog

  • Name Origin: Just a cute name :)
  • Age: 2 Years
  • Breed: German Shepherd
  • Gender: Male
  • Favorite Activity: Car rides and chasing turkeys!
  • Favorite Treat: Any meat–chicken, beef, salmon, BACON!
  • Favorite Spot to Hang Out: Outside!
  • Stories: Murphy burps really loudly! He ran after some deer very early in the morning and our neighbor mistook him for a wolf. She ended up telling multiple people in the neighborhood that there was a black wolf in the area!
  • Final Note: He loves people, walks, and getting his ears scratched!
  • Largest Victory: Round 2, 65.6% vs. Leo
  • Closest Victory: Round 3, 58.2% vs. Stella


Remi the Dog

  • Name Origin: Short for Remington, his name means good fortune
  • Age: 9 Months at time of photo
  • Breed: Golden Labrador and Shepherd mix
  • Gender: Male
  • Favorite Activity: Walking in the park or being read to
  • Favorite Treat: Chicken
  • Favorite Spot to Hang Out: Under the table or his bed, he always would catch any food that dropped.
  • Stories: He loves to play Hide n’ Seek under the sofa. He once chewed the legs on the all chairs and the sofa.
  • Final Note: Remi is a very friendly dog who loves to chase and bark at squirrels.
  • Largest Victory: Round 2, 60.8% vs. Richard
  • Closest Victory: Sweet Sixteen, 51.8% vs. Paxton


Valentino the Cat

  • Name Origin: He actually has a lot of names, but his demeanor makes this one fitting.
  • Age: 4 Years Breed: Gray Tabby Cat Gender: Male
  • Favorite Activity: Riding in the car
  • Favorite Treat: Temptations blissful catnip flavor or Sheba tuna sticks
  • Favorite Spot to Hang Out: Anywhere he can watch humans
  • Story: He wakes my husband up at 4:00 am every morning. That’s way earlier than he wants to get up, but Valentino is relentless. He has actually changed my husband’s lifestyle.
  • Another Story: Valentino is an indoor cat, but once he jumped off our deck and started running. We live in the country on 20 acres of woods so my husband, daughter, and I had to run through the house and out the door to see if we could find him. He made us chase him around the house and yard for 20 minutes until he let us catch him.
  • Final Note: Valentino was a feral kitten we found in our driveway. He was very sick but love and antibiotics brought him around.
  • Largest Victory: Round 1, 68% vs. Rainbow
  • Closest Victory: Elite Eight, 51.7% vs. Harper Lee
April 20, 2020

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