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Good Timing: Smoothing the Teacher License Reciprocity

Joe McKay’18, a current high school social studies teacher, emphasizes the importance of good timing in the process of transferring teaching license.

Many people decide to be a teacher with a firm belief that this profession would have an impact on the lives of the nation’s youth, and Joe McKay’18 is one of them. To Joe, his favorite part of the job is being able to assist students as they overcome obstacles and to seeing them grow as an individuals. During his time in Beloit, Joe was an EDYS (Track 2) and History major, and a student athlete on the baseball team. Joe is currently a high school social studies teacher at Westside High School, where he is also a two-sport coach at Westside and the neighboring middle school.

Joe has taught in two states, Alabama and Nebraska, since graduating from Beloit in 2018. He says the process of transferring a license can be a pain and advises students to leave plenty of time to transfer your license.

Linh Anh Le’20
March 09, 2020
  • Joe McKay during his Global Geography class as a Social Studies Instructor.
    Ellie Anglim - Westside Wired

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