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More than Learning English

Walking into her first Education class with an initial goal of improving her English skills, Chen Bao’16 immediately fell in love with the field. Chen said that being a double major in Economics and Education is the most impactful thing that shaped her personalities.

An Economics and Education & Youth studies double major, Chen Bao’16 was a really active student who engaged in many activities on campus and even studied abroad. She was an Econ club member, a Duffy program intern, and an Orientation Leader during her time in Beloit.

Chen started to take Education classes with a simple and straightforward reason: to improve her English skills as an International student through reading and speaking intensive courses. The combination of Education and Economics knowledge Chen gained from her time at Beloit, however, helped her improve both soft skills and hard skills, and her advisors at Beloit College were great in guiding her study, work, and personal life. Chen acknowledged the fact that her advisors never told her the right thing to do, but they always highlighted different options and methods to achieve her goals.

After Beloit, Chen continued her education earning a masters degree in computational analysis and public policy (MACAPP) at the University of Chicago. In some sense, it was the extension of her undergraduate studies, but also introduced her to new domains such as computer science and machine learning.

Chen appreciated the support and attention she was able to receive during her time at a small Liberal Arts college like Beloit. She recommended that working before going to graduate school was helpful. Especially for international students, Chen emphasized the importance of early planning for job searching or graduate schools, in terms of what program one would want to study. After completing her master degree, Chen started to work for Facebook as a data analyst in the bay area.

Linh Anh Le’20
March 09, 2020

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